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Tattooing-kind of art


Tattoo-special pleasure

Tattooing is actually a kind of art. It involved those who dare or have the special pleasure (such as for any other genre of art) to affect the human body. Resulting in skin stamped paintings that never fade.
Wear a tattoo itself is a simple way of life, is a special way of thinking and acceptance of own ego. Those who have tattoos on the body, we have because we like them, not afraid of them, although we know that we will need to wear them all life.
The color and motif of tattoos express inner man.

Tattoo-style of life

In any case, wear a tattoo that each choose on his own salvation (there is a lot of tattoo designs, from the animal, Japanese, tribal, Polynesian, Maori, and others – a lot of them has a long history), really mean the style of life. Many people believe that tattoo brings them happiness; others seem erotic, as characterized parts of the body where they are erogenous points and the third warrant confidence, because they dare paint the skin.

Erotic Star Tattoo

That tattoo artists are true masters and painters, there’s no doubt about it.

Color and Motif of Tattoo

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